Ad Verse effects

Good evening, dear readers! It’s March, just about – is it just me, or is time moving very fast this year? (Sorry February post, I tried but I’ve been busy). This term I’ve still been doing flash fiction/ short stories in my Horror/ SF/ Fantasy module, but poetry has been taking up most of my […]

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Deadlines and fake lions

This time of year is unfortunately busy for me – it’s deadline month (and a bit)! Starting with a short radio play due today, which I’ve been working on for the last few weeks (not quite “The Archers” fare) I’ve also got a chunky essay, two portfolios and a workshop diary due between now and […]

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Let’s make some noise

I’m really not used to writing scripts anymore.   It’s sad but true. Back when I was a wee lad (by which I mean about 6-7 years ago) I could remember the “proper” formatting for stage and screen scripts, but delving into our drama module recently has made me realise I hadn’t focused on script-writing […]

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Sorry, no synth-pop

Good evening readers! An unfortunately tiring and busy couple of weeks have delayed this frightfully short blog entry! Last week we looked at “Found Literature” with a focus on Erasure (no, not that one). The idea behind Erasure (not that one) is taking an existing text and simply erasing parts of it with the aim […]

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I am great at routines

Oh dear, I see we’re off to a good start with a lie in the title. Well, for a very long month I have lapsed in updating this blog – the unexpected freedom of a reading week, the inevitable destruction of the finely-crafted sleeping pattern and the release of a new video game are all […]

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Eine kleine Nachtschrift

For some reason, I decided that just studying Creative Writing during the day was not enough. Oh no, said I, ever the masochist. I must immerse myself fully in The Craft™ if I am to succeed. So I signed up to an evening class for Creative Writing. Free for students in the university’s CBASS (College […]

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