Reasonable difficulty curves

There’s two things I’m finding pleasantly challenging about my course so far. The first thing is the word count – we’re just ending Week 5, and word counts have gone from a steady 500 words per piece to a couple of very sneaky 700 word limits, as well as a few “500 words max but […]

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Eine kleine Nachtschrift

For some reason, I decided that just studying Creative Writing during the day was not enough. Oh no, said I, ever the masochist. I must immerse myself fully in The Craft™ if I am to succeed. So I signed up to an evening class for Creative Writing. Free for students in the university’s CBASS (College […]

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Blog resurrection

So, a whole lot of life happened. I changed jobs. I founded a film review site with a friend. I started university. The usual stuff that makes one forget they really did mean to blog more regularly. My University course is Creative Writing – so from now on, the (sporadic) blog posts will likely be […]

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