I am great at routines

Oh dear, I see we’re off to a good start with a lie in the title.

Well, for a very long month I have lapsed in updating this blog – the unexpected freedom of a reading week, the inevitable destruction of the finely-crafted sleeping pattern and the release of a new video game are all equally to blame for this careless inattention to duty. Still, back I come, with many a rosy promise of regular updates once again.

This week for my evening class, one of our tasks was writing about home. As ever, while a more serious response to the topic at hand began to form in my mind a rather sillier take on the subject spilled onto the page first. I got rather caught up on the phrase “Home is where the heart is”:


Home is where the heart is, or so they say.

Well, maybe “they” are cartoon cavemen,

dwelling in the ribcage of a long-deceased dinosaur

Or worse, they go home each day

and open the door to total darkness,

nothing but the squelch of organs toiling merrily away,

the gentle lub-dub of the heart.

Imagine the blood you’d have to clean up

As you trip in the hallway

Because your lungs were feeling adventurous again.

If Home is where the heart is,

I shan’t be round yours for tea

Any time soon.

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