Eine kleine Nachtschrift

For some reason, I decided that just studying Creative Writing during the day was not enough. Oh no, said I, ever the masochist. I must immerse myself fully in The Craft™ if I am to succeed. So I signed up to an evening class for Creative Writing. Free for students in the university’s CBASS (College of Business, Arts and Social Sciences) and a nice scribbling end to a busy Tuesday’s work. But more on the fine details of that class another time, perhaps.

As I’ve reanimated the old bones of this blog, I’ve decided that the first regular usage I can get out of it would be sharing my work. Not my official tasks set by lectures and module leaders – these are all to be saved in secret and polished up and edited for coursework submissions – but just the writing I do on a Tuesday evening or in my own spare time. I’ll figure out a format for this using tags or by making a sub-page on the blog about them – but I digress. Here was Week 2’s task:

Week 2 was about Character. For the final task of the session, we each had to create a character by writing down:

  • Their name
  • Their age
  • Their job
  • A hobby they have
  • Something they love
  • Something they fear

We then passed our bit of paper two people to the left, then write something (poetry, prose, character portrait, whatever) based on the information we’d been given. I immediately knew I was going to have fun with this, because my new piece of paper said:

  • Crow
  • 264
  • Undertaker
  • Flower arranging
  • Loves rain
  • Fears cats

So here follows the little rhyme I produced about Crow:

His name was Crow, a wise old sage

A grand two-sixty-four in age.

An undertaker was old Crow

Who watched his precious flowers grow.

These blooms, of colours most deranged,

Crow would snip and then arrange.

Old Crow, his skin so dry, age stained

Loved nothing more than when it rained.

He’d up and out, twirl and splash

‘Til he heard his dustbins crash.

He runs inside – “Oh curse, oh drat!”

Scared by next door’s tabby cat.

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