Sweet goodbyes

Well this is it, folks. The moment I never thought I’d see. The closing of my first term at University. Evening classes are done, only one lecture and one seminar left for learning (and one pesky coursework deadline, which I’m only losing some sleep over). I’ll be heading home for a week or so over Christmas, which is going to be weird – and I can’t speculate on what my sleeping pattern will turn into again! Still, I have two or three deadlines after Christmas, so there’s plenty to keep me busy.

Due to when Christmas falls, as well as all the sleeping work I’ll be doing, I probably won’t update for another two weeks or so again. For now, I’ll sign off with a piece I wrote in last week’s final evening class. The prompt was “Dark December” and I had good fun responding:


The Other Nick

Twas the night before Christmas,

And all through the house

Not a creature was stirring,

Not even a mouse.


The mouse, you see

Was the first one to die

In the Dark One’s great plan

To ruin Yuletide.


The crosses jumped clear

And the pictures upturned

As the demons drew near

And their great hunger burned.


I awoke with a cry,

Not a moment too late

To see all of Hell’s armies

File through our front gate.


Disappointed, I thought:

“Why no jolly fat man?”

As across my front lawn

trod the souls of the damned.


I looked at my clock

Three more hours ’til Santa!

I had no Holy water

Just lukewarm old Fanta.


With vigor I stood up

And grabbed the Good Book,

As I opened the curtains

To get a clear look


I threw open the windows

With a bold battle-cry.

Hell looked up at me,

A knowing glint in my eye


I yelled “Piss off, you lot!”

(Quoting John, Chapter 10)

And Hell’s Host just vanished,

Never seen here again.




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