Nostalgia Goggles

Nostalgia is a wonderfully warm, fuzzy feeling: It might be brought on by the jingle of a long-forgotten advert or sitting down to play the games we used to love as a child. The sense of comfort, familiarity, and sometimes “feeling like a kid again” is hard to match. Today’s post wont focus on the incessant weaponization/ monetisation of our nostalgia, but the more human angle of what our nostalgia means to us. And, more specifically, the problem with getting too attached to those warm fuzzies.

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A Very Dark Knight – The Batman review

As an on-screen character, Batman has been through a lot of changes. From the comic campness of the Adam West show, to Burton and then Nolan’s films, right up to the guns blazing, growling “Do you bleed?” of Ben Affleck’s version, we’ve seen a fair few different versions over the years. Ahead of Affleck’s alleged final portrayal of the character in upcoming movie The Flash (2022) comes a long-awaited solo outing for the caped crusader, directed by Matt Reeves. 

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Infinity mirrors

Good afternoon, dear readers! Well, the first month of 2020 is almost over huh? It’s been 26 days and my vision still hasn’t become perfect, so I’m about ready to pack this whole thing in and start 2021. This attitude has nothing to do with two movies I finally got round to watching this week: […]

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I’ve been trailing behind

Hello, dear readers! Been a while, hasn’t it? My sincerest apologies for not writing one of these for about 6 or 7 months; my summer was spent in aimless relaxation, September bought on the intense start to my second year of university, and the last month or two have been tumultuous for all sorts of […]

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It’s about time

Good afternoon dear readers. After plenty of pre-deadline anxieties, post-deadline finger crossing and post-post-deadline relaxation, I am back in the land of the productive! Recently, I’ve been mapping a rough timeline of my life. The exercise started as a running joke between a few friends, one of which told us last summer about his previously […]

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Deadlines and fake lions

This time of year is unfortunately busy for me – it’s deadline month (and a bit)! Starting with a short radio play due today, which I’ve been working on for the last few weeks (not quite “The Archers” fare) I’ve also got a chunky essay, two portfolios and a workshop diary due between now and […]

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Let’s make some noise

I’m really not used to writing scripts anymore.   It’s sad but true. Back when I was a wee lad (by which I mean about 6-7 years ago) I could remember the “proper” formatting for stage and screen scripts, but delving into our drama module recently has made me realise I hadn’t focused on script-writing […]

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Blog resurrection

So, a whole lot of life happened. I changed jobs. I founded a film review site with a friend. I started university. The usual stuff that makes one forget they really did mean to blog more regularly. My University course is Creative Writing – so from now on, the (sporadic) blog posts will likely be […]

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I’m going (creatively) insane

Well, after such a sensational title, I should probably explain what I mean by “creatively insane” shouldn’t I? It’s said that everyone has their own idea, their own story to tell. If that is the case then I am no different to anyone else. But lately my story has been driving me mad. The original […]

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